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Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing and other industries are currently using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) to clearly define product specifications to their manufacturers. The need to improve communication between the designer, engineering and manufacturing resulted in a common language to exchange part design intent accurately and unambiguously. GD&T being a well-established, precise symbolic language, can clearly transmit the design and functionality to the manufacturer. Companies have adopted this methodology to reduce cost, improve quality, reduce waste and use resources wisely.

This course provides the basic elements required to define and apply industry accepted design specifications. The curriculum covers ASME Y14.5 and associated standards, datum selection, benefits of bonus tolerance, manufacturing and inspection implications when using GD&T. Students will learn the rules, symbolic language and concepts used to define part dimensions and tolerances. As a result, students will increase their productivity due to clear product definition and function based design rationale.

Course Highlights:

  • Function Based Design, Design for Producibility, Product Definition with 3D CAD per ASME Y14.41 (MBPD) and Communicating Tolerances
  • Benefits of GD&T over Coordinate Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  • Form Controls
  • Datum system and features
  • Orientation, Profile, Position Tolerance and theory
  • Position – Hole Pattern Location, Non-cylindrical features
  • Co-axial controls

Course Benefits:

  • Practical application of GD&T per ASME Y14.5M-2009 for engineering drawings and Model Based Product Definition.
  • Impact of GD&T controls on Manufacturing; insights into inspection criteria and optimized tolerances derived from function based design.

Course Typically Offered: Live Online during Spring Quarter

Prerequisites: Understanding of basic engineering.

Next steps: Upon completion of this class, consider enrolling in other courses in the Mechanical Analysis and Design Certificate.

More information: Contact to learn more about Mechanical Analysis and Design course offerings.

Course Number: MAE-40031
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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