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Get an Introduction to Genetic Counseling


This course provides an introduction to the growing field of genetic counseling and is taught by certified genetic counselors.  It covers fundamental topics relevant to professional practice including general genetic principles, genetic testing, genetic specialties and genetic disorders; emerging technologies; risk assessment; inter-personal, psychosocial and communication skills; personalized medicine; and ethics. Students will test their knowledge using case studies representing a range of common areas of practice including pediatrics, prenatal care and family planning, general genetics, laboratory and research, and oncology. This course will introduce students to this exciting field and will give students interested in graduate school increased exposure to the profession.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain introductory training that strengthens an understanding of the field of genetic counseling as a healthcare profession
  • Learn the basic principles in genetics, counseling, and ethics
  • Students will have exposure to practicing genetic counselors from both recorded lectures and live video conferencing
  • Students will hear from guest speakers covering a various case studies

Contact Information:
Fiona O'Donnell-Lawson

Course Number: BIOL-40359
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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