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This course is designed to provide an introduction to fundamental concepts of molecular and cellular biology. Topics include chemical foundations of life; importance of water in supporting life; Cell- the structural and functional unit of life; prokaryotes; eukaryotes; cellular conversion of nutrients into usable energy; relationship between genotype and phenotype, practical applications of biotechnology and a spotlight on human form and function. This course is appropriate for students interested in a refresher biology class, professionals in other disciplines considering a career change to the biological sciences, biology majors and pre-health professionals. 


  •  Explain fundamental biology concepts and terms
  • Outline the basic chemical processes and chemical composition of organisms
  • Summarize the structure and functions of cellular components
  • Explain the importance of cells in our understanding of biology
  • Analyze transport across the plasma membrane
  • Analyze energy flows in cells
  • Explain the flow of genetic information from DNA, through RNA, to protein
  • Analyze the structure of the DNA molecule in relation to its function of information storage
  • Analyze control of genetic expression
  • Analyze the use of molecular biology tools in different fields of biology and industry
  • Relate animal form to function
  • Apply knowledge to interpret and analyze environmental and medical case studies
  • Synthesize and integrate knowledge to explain the molecular basis of diseases

Note: Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of chemistry is recommended


Students interested in this course with a lab component, please enroll in General Biology With Lab - BIOL-40348

Course Number: BIOL-40360
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)

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