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Learn to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) using Revit


This course is designed for high school students interested in becoming architects, interior designers, engineers, and others involved in the construction industry. High school students participating in this course will receive an overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM) using Revit Architecture. The course examines how Revit users design 3D models that simultaneously document the project in schedules and 2D architectural drawings.

What You Will Learn


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  • Describe primary Revit concepts and how they relate to Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Explore the Revit User-Interface
  • Design a 3D building model to explain how information is inter-related
  • Determine the appropriate workflow to complete tasks within Revit
  • Develop a project which includes floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, curtain walls, and roof design
  • Strengthen 3D modeling and 2D documentation skills
  • Create presentation level architectural graphics
  • Catalog building information using schedules
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Note: This course is only open to high school students.

Course Number: ARCH-90005
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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