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Learn to program robots while learning the popular JavaScript language in order to prepare for the careers of the future.


We will start with an overview of robotics and automation, and then explore the challenges of robotics programming in the real world. Students will get a crash course in the popular coding language JavaScript and use it to write programs to make a robot interact with the world. We will use DDE, a robot programming environment with a simulated arm, for demos and for testing student programs. Students may also choose practical experience with hands-on activities including building an Arduino compatible bot. This class offers a foundation for further studies in programming and robotics.

What You Will Learn


Students in Futures: Introduction to Robotics with JavaScript will:

  • Get an introduction to robots and automation
  • Prepare for future advances in robotics which may affect the economy and employment
  • Get an introduction to JavaScript including variables and conditionals, loops and functions, and arrays and objects
  • Learn how to debug programs in JavaScript
  • Program a simulated robotic arm, and optionally build and program an Arduino compatible robot
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Note: Participants must complete this course series in order, earning a passing grade in each course before enrolling in the next one.

Course Number: CSE-90103
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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