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Fostering Connectedness and Belonging for Diverse Learners in Schools provides in depth instruction and application in how social bonds and positive school climate mitigate against behaviors that contribute to disproportionate exclusionary discipline in schools. This course explores a foundation of culturally appropriate, socio-emotional interventions and approaches to improve relationships with diverse students in k-12 educational contexts. Focus will be placed on school climate, belonging, and connectedness as mitigants against strained relationships between students and teachers and buffers against exclusionary disciplinary outcomes. A central focus will be the intersection of research, policy, and practice to ensure k-12 educational contexts are welcoming and effective at educating diverse students.

Note: This course is part of the 3-course series "Learning and Justice for All Institute".
If you would like to receive academic credit, you must take all three courses and enroll in section ID 172398 to pay the $165 fee.

Course Number: EDUC-42357
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)

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