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Please join us at UC San Diego Park & Market for the Film Summit,  a week of panels and workshops in collaboration with the Film Consortium San Diego, UC San Diego Education and Community Outreach, and UC San Diego Arts and Humanities.

This event, part of the San Diego Film Week 2023, offers participants the opportunity to delve into the world of cinema, featuring sessions like "Screenwriting 101 - Secrets of the Core Concept" to help aspiring writers craft compelling screenplays, and "Permits, Locations, and Resources" for filmmakers looking to work in San Diego. Panels such as "Writer’s Round Table" and "Feature Filmmaking in San Diego" explore the paths to success in the industry. Additionally, attendees can gain valuable insights into acting, cinematography, and post-production sound.

To register, please visit:

Participants will receive an Award of Completion for each workshop they attend.
2.0 quarter units will be given for those who attend the full week of sessions:


Film Summit Workshops and Panels:

Workshop: Screenwriting 101 - Secrets of the Core Concept

Monday, November 13, 12-2pm
Presented by Carlos de los Rios from San Diego Writers Fest 

Secrets of the Core Concept is an exciting, brief seminar breaking down how to create a Hollywood screenplay core concept. What is a core concept? It’s the essence of a screenplay. It’s the foundation on top of which you can unfold your story. So join us to learn shortcuts to organizing your screenplay core concept, and start writing today!


Panel: Writer’s Round Table: How to Start and Develop a Career as a Screenwriter

Monday, November 13, 3-5pm

Moderated by: TBD

Panelists:   TBD

A panel discussion focused on the journey to become a successful screenwriter. Industry professionals will share insights, strategies, and experiences to help aspiring screenwriters kickstart and advance their careers.


Workshop: Permits, Locations, and Resources: All You Need to Know About Producing a Film in San Diego 

Tuesday, November 14, 12-2pm

Presented by Guy Langman, City of San Diego Special Events and Filming Department 

This workshop provides valuable information on acquiring permits, scouting locations, and accessing resources for film production within the city. Ideal for filmmakers looking to work in San Diego.


Panel:  Feature Filmmaking in San Diego: Challenges and Triumphs

Tuesday, November 14, 3-5pm 

Moderated by: TBD

Panelists: TBD

This panel explores the unique challenges and successes of producing feature films in San Diego. Filmmakers share their experiences, discussing the hurdles they've overcome and the triumphs they've achieved in the local film industry.


Workshop: So You Wanna Be an Actor! 

Wednesday, November 15, 12-2pm

Presented by Camie Carpenter, Hollywood Talent Associates 

An actor-focused workshop hosted by Camie Carpenter from Hollywood Talent Associates. Participants will receive practical guidance on pursuing acting as a career or hobby, honing their skills, and navigating the entertainment industry.


Panel: How to Break into the Industry as an Actor in San Diego vs. Los Angeles

Wednesday, November 15, 3-5pm 

Moderated by: TBD

Panelists: Larry Poole, Vivian Cheng, others TBD

This panel features Larry Poole, Vivian Cheng, and others  as they compare and contrast the pathways to enter the entertainment industry in San Diego and Los Angeles. The panelists offer insights into the pros and cons of each location and share their personal experiences.


Workshop: Cinematography +: New technologies and equipment for cinematographers presented by SmallRig

Thursday, November 16, 12-2pm

Presented by Carlo Baltazar from SmallRig 

This workshop introduces cinematographers to the latest technologies and equipment for enhancing their craft. Attendees will explore cutting-edge tools and techniques to elevate their cinematography skills.


Workshop: Intro to Cinematography presented by TBD

Thursday, November 16, 3-5pm

Presented by TBD

An introductory workshop to cinematography, presented by TBD. This workshop covers the fundamental concepts and techniques of cinematography, making it an ideal starting point for beginners in the field.


San Diego Premiere Pro User Group workshop: the current state and future of Adobe Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro

Friday, November 17, 11-1pm 

Presented by Eric Addison from San Diego Premiere Pro User Group 

Gain insights into the current state and the future of Adobe Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro. This workshop explores the latest trends and innovations in the world of digital post-production.


Workshop: San Diego Media Pros Workshop: Post Production Sound in Davinci Resolve

Friday, November 17, 3-5pm

Presented by San Diego Media Pros

This workshop focuses on post-production sound using DaVinci Resolve. Participants will learn how to enhance the audio quality of their films and video projects using this versatile software.


Note: For any questions, please contact: Morgan Appel ( or Britt Maxwell (

Course Number: HUM-80001
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)

Course Number: HUM-80001
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)