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Through the Empowered Teaching and Learning Video course, educators acquire valuable skills related to purpose, motivation, effective goal setting, strengths-based approaches and more.   Through 23 short videos and guided by a user-friendly e-workbook, you will learn how to tap into the life-changing intrinsic motivation within you and your students. This course is a game changer. You’re invited to learn more and sign up today at  
Here is a quote from a teacher who took Empowered Teaching and Learning:
“We always hear that an educators goal is to have students become self -learners who are intrinsically motivated. How? After 15 years of teaching, this course taught me HOW.”
                                                    -Suzanne, Educator
This course is a self-paced and you can begin today and end anytime. Register at

Course Number: EDUC-40124
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)