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Embark on the hero's journey, crafting superheroes with real-world influence.


Joseph Campbell was an American writer focused on mythology. His writings spanned the entire spectrum of human experience through which he based his life philosophy on “follow your bliss.” Based on Campbell’s works, students will explore the hero’s journey in literature and the real world.
Through video clips, presentations, discussions and group work, participants will learn about the concept of the hero’s journey as described by Campbell. Students will then look at heroes in literature, TV shows, graphic novels and movies. Subsequently, they will learn the attributes of a hero, identify their own “super powers,” and explore how science, technology, psychology and medicine contribute to today’s heroes.  

What You Will Learn


Students in Ignite Student Interest in Elementary School: The Making of a Super Hero will:

  • Explore the hero’s journey in literature and the real world
  • Examine superhero stories and their impact across the media
  • Create a super hero and a blueprint for their existence
  • Learn about superheroes’ journeys including The Odyssey, Harry Potter and more
  • Discuss ways that science, technology and medicine make super hero powers more possible

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Course Number: COGS-90014
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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