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Explore the World of Slimy Sea Creatures


Invertebrates like octopuses, jellyfish and squid have fascinating adaptations for life in their ocean ecosystems. Take on the role of marine biologist as you learn about how slimy sea creatures survive and thrive.
Students will observe sea stars, sand dollars and moon snails, to name a few. They will watch a squid dissection while learning about anatomical structures of invertebrates. We will investigate the secret of how octopuses change color and how pearls are made. Students will also consider what kind of invertebrate they would like to be. They will test their knowledge by playing a game that rewards those with the best mastery of vocabulary from the class. Each student will create artwork using seashells and other materials from Mother Earth. Slimy Sea Creatures offers a great way to inspire students to pursue further studies in marine biology

What You Will Learn


Students in Elementary School: Slimy Sea Creatures will:

  • Survey the adaptations that allow marine invertebrates to survive in their ecosystems.
  • Gain a basic understanding of taxonomy and of the characteristics of invertebrates.
  • Observe invertebrates like sea stars, crabs and sand dollars.
  • Learn what a phylum is and what the features of mollusks are.
  • Categorize and learn about different shells.
  • Design and create a seashell-bound book, seashell hair clip or seashell box.
  • Investigate the external and internal anatomy of a squid and the functions of its organs.
  • Learn and practice vocabulary related to marine invertebrates.
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Course Number: SIO-90036
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)