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Meet experts, make medicines, and use medical device trainers!


Learn about the fascinating and impactful profession of pharmacy! In this course, students will be introduced to the STEAM-enriched profession of pharmacy and the important role pharmacists play in keeping the community healthy. Participants will experience unique hands-on activities that provide insight into the types of problems pharmacists encounter and solve daily. Participants will have the opportunity to apply STEAM skills, such as communication, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving, which are essential skills used by pharmacists. Each activity is based on a scenario aimed at improving patient health outcomes in everyday life. Before diving into the hands-on activities, students will receive a brief overview of what pharmacists do and the many career opportunities in pharmacy.

What You Will Learn


Students enrolled in this course will:

  • Meet with guest experts in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Communicate what a phramacist does.
  • Describe the types of problems a pharmacist solves.
  • Apply pharmacy-specific skills to case scenarios.
  • Describe specific medical conditions, such as asthma and allergic reactions.
  • Demonstrate how to use an EpiPen and an inhaler. 
  • Customize a medication to treat a superhero, alien, or monster patient.
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Note: Upon successful enrollment of a section, students will receive a confirmation email from our Student Services team. This email will include a link to an authorization form that is required to be completed within 72-hours of enrollment. 

Course Number: PHAR-90003
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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