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See the world from the perspective of an ocean animal, from a clownfish in a coral reef to a gray whale migrating the Pacific. Explore how various creatures survive in different marine habitats. 


Marine biology will come alive as aspiring oceanographers view the world from the perspective of sea creatures great and small. Discover how these animals survive in their varied habitats.   Students will take on the role of a series of ocean dwellers: a clownfish exploring a coral reef, a leopard shark in shallow waters, a sea star in a tide pool, a gray whale migrating the Pacific, and a sea otter in a kelp forest. Class members will experience what these animals see and hear and explore how easy (or difficult) it is for them to live and thrive. To highlight what they have learned, students will create art related to topics studied.. Being Nemo offers a great way to spark students’ interest in learning more about marine biology.

What You Will Learn


Students in Elementary School: Being Nemo will:

  • Get a broad overview of the fish and other animals that live in our Ocean..
  • Trace the activity of leopard sharks in shallow waters off San Diego.
  • Learn about coral and investigate the life of a clownfish on a  reef.
  • Learn about the fluctuations of tide pools and follow the activities of a sea star through changing tides.
  • Gain an understanding of migration and follow a gray whale covering huge distances in the open Ocean.
  • Take a look at kelp forest ecosystems through the eyes of the sea otters that depend on them.
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Course Number: SIO-90039
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)