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Apply the Basic Laws of Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics

This calculus-based physics course is intended to help students acquire interdisciplinary skills to bridge the gap between natural sciences, engineering, and increasingly demanding technological aspects of modern medicine.

It provides the coverage of properties of electric fields, potentials, steady-state and transient currents, as well as properties of dielectrics, magnetic fields, and propagation of electromagnetic fields. This course's primary goal is to apply electricity and magnetism knowledge to explain natural physical processes and related technological advances

Course Highlights:

  • Electric charge interactions (Coulomb's law)
  • Distribution of electric charges and static electric field (Gauss's law)
  • Electric potential and motion of charged particles
  • Capacitance and dielectrics
  • Direct electric current and Ohm's law
  • Magnetic field, sources, and Ampere's law
  • Inductance and Faraday's law
  • Alternating electric current circuits
  • Electromagnetic waves and Maxwell's equations
  • Interference and diffraction

Course Benefits:

  • Explain concepts of electric and magnetic fields and electric potential
  • Explain capacitance and classify capacitors as energy-storing devices
  • Analyze direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuits
  • Apply the Lorentz force law to analyze the motion of charged particles
  • Identify the sources of magnetic field
  • Compute the inductance of conductors and apply the law of electromagnetic induction
  • Apply Maxwell's equations and derive wave equation
  • Analyze interference and diffraction of electromagnetic waves

Course Typically Offered: Online, Fall and Spring quarter 

Prerequisites:  Previous knowledge in introductory vector, differential, and integral calculus and/or have taken Classical Mechanics (PHYS-40023) course.

Software: Students will be required to purchase a subscription to Wiley Plus. The subscription may be also valid for Classical Mechanics (PHYS-40023) course.

More information: Contact to learn more about our programs and other course offerings.


Course Number: PHYS-40024
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)

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