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New employee onboarding and orientation programs are critical initiatives to immediately engage new employees in company culture, avoid turnover during the first few months of employment, and lay foundation for employee success. When done right, onboarding and orientation programs can improve the long-term success of new employees as well as their employers. Onboarding and orientations do not only involve new-hire paperwork and explaining organizational policies; these practices are also designed to effectively assimilate new employees and provide them with the tools to navigate their new surroundings. In this capstone course, learn how to build effective onboarding programs that will help new employees feel comfortable, connected, and productive in their work environment. Evaluate onboarding and orientation practices to continuously increase the effectiveness of the programs.

Other Credits: 18 hours of continuing education credit

Note: Prerequisites: Managing HR: An Overview (BUSA-40010) and Strategic Talent Acquisition (BUSA-40874), or equivalent experience.

Course Number: BUSA-40903
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)