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Business leaders today are short on time more than ever. Their days consist of meetings, emails, presentations, text messages, instant messages, and more.  With their attention being drawn in many directions, strategic writing and communication is a must. In this workshop, participants will learn the foundations of effective business writing with a focus on clear, concise, and direct content. From emails to proposals, participants will improve their writing and communication in the context of today’s business environment.

  1. Audience, Purpose, and Context
  2. Foundations: Principles of Effective Business Writing
  3. Business Writing Pitfalls
  4. Day to Day Communications: Emails and Memos
  5. Complex Communications: Reports and Proposals
Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the correct audience for each communication
  • Adapt to each new communication uniquely based on purpose and context
  • Write clear, concise business communications including emails, memos, reports, and proposals
  • Address common pitfalls in business communications
  • Revise, edit, and polish writing, presentations, and other communications
  • Inform, guide, and persuade readers in the business context

This is an interactive 4-hour workshop.


What Will You Earn

Upon completing this full 4-hour workshop, you will receive a verifiable digital credential. The digital credential may be shared on social media, in email signatures, or with colleagues and friends in order to recognize your achievement.

This workshop is open to members of the public. Please direct questions to


Course Number: WKSP-80051
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)