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For every new donor making a gift to a charity, one stops giving. Research suggests poor retention among donors is attributed to limited gift acknowledgment and a lack of consistent efforts to communicate  measurable results. 
Donor Relations and Stewardship examines how charities can improve relationships for retained and upgraded giving and expand mission impact. The course explores the four key pillars of donor relations including gift acceptance, acknowledgement, recognition and stewardship viewed through the lens of Penelope Burk’s Donor Centered Fundraising. Explore communication and relationship building strategies to support improved resonance and engagement with key stakeholders. As part of the course, students are provided an experiential look at the benefits of gratitude, an evidence based fundraising practice, along with tools to support communication, recognition and stewardship plans.  

Course Number: BUSA-40930
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Fundraising and Development

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