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HR Professionals are familiar with the laws that prohibit harassment and discrimination. They know when to do an investigation and when to discipline for violations of those laws and related policies. A culturally competent workplace goes beyond compliance. It naturally discourages harassment and discrimination. And, just as importantly, it allows employees to be their authentic selves at work, creating the best opportunity for success of individuals and organizations. The "DE&I: Creating Inclusive Workplace Environments" course will provide Business Leaders and HR Professionals a deeper understanding of the benefits of and barriers to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide knowledge and tools to assess an organization’s and individual’s state of cultural competency. Students will become familiar with the concepts and terminology of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Equity (D.I.B.E.). And, by the end, they will be able to design and implement a strategy to address related concerns and programs to enhance their organization’s current state.

  • Understand D.I.B.E. concepts
  • Assess individual and organizational cultural competency
  • Design and implement programs to address organizational gaps
Course Topics
  • Terminology – traditional terms and current trends
  • Cultural Competency – what is it, how do we measure it, and how can we develop it
  • Allyship, Advocacy, and Anti-racism
  • Conflict resolution and investigations
  • How to have conversations about D.I.B.E.
  • Assessments – individual and organizational
  • Making the case to Executives for D.I.B.E. programs and resources
  • Developing and implementing D.I.B.E. programs

Course Number: BUSA-41000
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)