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Data Mining Practicum

Theoretical knowledge of data preparation, data mining, and machine learning techniques can be very useful. However, in order to be a successful data scientist, you must be able to put the theory into practice and draw useful information and insight from large datasets.

This challenging course is designed to give students hands-on practical experience data mining and predictive modeling. Students will go through several data mining projects, planning and executing all the steps of data preparation, analysis, learning and modeling, and identifying the predictive/descriptive model that produces the best evaluation scores. This course will ensure preparedness for complex real-life data mining tasks.

Topics include:

  • Obtaining the right data
  • Preparing the dataset
  • Modeling and iteration
  • Evaluation and model selection
  • How to deal with issues
  • Ensemble modeling

Practical experience:

  • Hands-on data mining projects using real-life data sets from industries such as marketing, healthcare, and environmental

Software: WEKA and Python are used for class assignments. There is no additional cost for this product.

Course typically offered: Online in Winter and Summer

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Data Science, Data Preparation for Analytics, and Data Mining: Advanced Concepts and Algorithms required.

Next Steps: Upon completion of this course, consider taking additional courses in Machine Learning Methods to continue building your skills.

More Information: For more information about this course, please contact

Course Number: CSE-41263
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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