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The evolution of XAMARIN to .NET MAUI,

a technology supported by Microsoft, provides a single framework for building the UIs for mobile and desktop applications. The MAUI library abstracts the details of the underlying platform away from your code, it enables you to implement as much of your application logic and UI layout as possible in a single codebase, and add platform-specific source code and resources when necessary.

In this class you will learn how you can use C# to create multi-platform applications that unifies Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows APIs into a single API allowing a write-once run-anywhere developer experience in a single project.

Course Highlights:

  • Setting up your workstation, Visual studio tools and packages to create and run C# MAUI applications
  • The anatomy of a MAUI project, learn about the different platforms covered by .net 6 (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux…) and how to target different operating systems and devices
  • The XAML layout engine for designing User Interfaces for a variety of devices and form factors
  • Using Visual studio tools to run and debug your code from emulators to devices, Hot Reload to do live changes to your applications UX without restarting
  • Customizing the way in which UI elements are presented on different platforms from mobile to desktop
  • Accessing native device features and sensors from GPS, network states, file system, authentication, text to speech engine, battery, the accelerometer, and more
  • Migrating existing Xamarin Applications to MAUI
  • Localization of your application in multiple languages
  • Requirements to distribute and monetize applications across marketplaces and operating systems

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Use C# to build applications that will run on multiple platforms from a single codebase
  • Develop, debug, and deploy cross-platform apps in XAML and C#, from a single shared codebase using the Visual Studio tools
  • Share code, test, and business logic across platforms
  • Design cross platform user interfaces and navigation using XAML

Course Typically Offered: Online in Winter quarter

Prerequisite: CSE-40603 C# Programming II: Object-Oriented Programming or equivalent knowledge and experience

Next Step: After completing this course consider taking other courses in the C# Programming Certificate

Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Course Number: CSE-41348
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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