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Contemporary Floral Designs: Fall Patterns
5 Weeks | $215 | In-Class

Enjoy the color and beauty of working with fall flowers! Students of all levels are invited to learn the art of contemporary floral arranging through demonstrations and hands-on practice. In addition to learning about container selection, design theory, care and handling of cut flowers, you will also be introduced to a variety of techniques and creative ideas. Study also includes identification and care of plant materials, construction of contemporary floral designs including techniques and mechanics, and the elements and principles of design. You’ll have the opportunity to learn proper use of tools, and work with a variety of floral materials to create your own floral arrangements!

What You Will Learn:

  • Design Basics: Mechanics, proper use of tools and floral materials.
  • Elements of Design: Line, form, space, texture and color. The interpretive components used to create distinctive floral designs.
  • Principles of Design: Composition, unity, proportion, accent, balance, harmony, and rhythm are the primary ingredients in every floral design.
  • Color Theory: Primary (blue, red and yellow) Secondary (orange, green and violet), Intermediate/Tertiary (primary and secondary together red violet), Monochromatic, Complementary and Split Compliment.

Quarters Offered: Fall | In-Class
Course Fee: $215
Prerequisite: none
Note: A weekly, pre-paid materials fee of $35 will be collected by instructor to cover all materials to be transformed into arrangements & brought home to be enjoyed. Please bring $70 to 1st class meeting along with floral knife, wire cutters, clippers & scissors to use in class. Professional floral knives may be purchased for $20 in class.
Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Course Number: ART-81315
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)