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Prerequisite: Intensive Workshop, FPM 40273.

How the Program Works
While pursuing the Specialized Certificate in Clinical Trials Administration, you must successfully complete the following three sections:
Section One Clinical Trials Intensive Workshop (5 days, 40 hours, 4 units)
Section Two Required Courses Offered Online: Nuts & Bolts of Monitoring Clinical Trials (2 units) Setting Up a New Clinical Study (2 units) Working with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) (1 unit)
Section Three Clinical Trials Follow-on Workshop. The Final Session (2 days, 16 hours, 2 units). 

Participation in the Clinical Trials Follow-on Workshop will successfully complete the requirements for obtaining the UCSD Extension Specialized Certificate. 

Other Credits: BRN: 70 CE hours.


For program information, contact Debbie Ortuño at

This section includes three online classes (April 20 – June 5, 2024) and a two-day workshop on Thursday and Friday, June 6 & 7,  2024, (8:30 4:30 p.m. PST), via live Zoom remote.

Course Number: FPM-40272
Credit: 7.00 unit(s)
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