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Most businesses, on average, do not start turning a profit until their third year of operation. Some can take up to five years and, of course, some never do. Although it’s important for all new businesses, especially those with a social/environmental good component, to know what needs to be achieved to turn a profit, this isn’t the only metric to focus on. In this workshop we will address the value of a product or service that benefits society and/or the environment and present the tools with which entrepreneurs can quantify their impact and identify ways to leverage that impact to meet business and profit goals.

This workshop is intended to best serve entrepreneurs who have developed a profit-driven business (ages 0-3) and are seeking to identify, maximize, and capitalize their social and/or environmental impact, while meeting profit goals. The workshop will introduce you to what corporate social responsibility (CSR) is, why it’s important, and how to incorporate it into a sustainable business model. Further, we will examine how CSR presents opportunities to make a difference in the community, using Patagonia as a case study.

By attending this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to leverage your impact to meet business and profit goals;
  • Hot to match your business with a sustainable and impact-driven operating model;
  • How incorporating CSR into the business plan can help you develop a company that "will last 100 years";
  • How to improve CSR through sustainability and environmental stewardship

Course Number: BUSA-80041
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)