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Course Overview


As an emerging topic of discussion within clinical diagnosis and drug discovery, biomarker research and developments are set to expand the scope of relevant clinical endpoints. Participants in this course will gain a basic understanding of the study of biomarkers, as well as major concepts within the field.

Instruction from leading industry experts will deliver biomarker research and theoretical concepts, as well as practical issues involved in conducting drug discovery related biomarker research and disease related biomarker identification. Participants will learn various biomarker research model systems and tools while learning the criteria required for identifying biomarkers in different diseases.

Topics include:

  • Biomarker requirements, classification and criteria for evaluating potential markers.
  • The practice of sample collection and quality control for a biomarker study in conjunction with epidemiological studies, including design, analysis and more.
  • Ethical and legal concerns.
  • Biomarker analyses tools including flow cytometry, digital pathology, ligand binding, DNA arrays, gene expression arrays and proteomics.
  • Biomarker in diseases, including cancer and autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Biomarker in Drug Discovery in animal models, in vitro diagnostics and surrogate and endpoint biomarker.


  • Jelveh Lameh, Ph.D., Vice President and Head of Regulatory Affairs, CorDx Inc
  • Hua Gong, M.DPh.D., Senior Vice President, Global Head of Translational Medicine and Clinical Biomarker, Zai Lab
  • Nathan Riccitelli, Ph.D., Associate Director, Innovative Technologies, Navigate BioPharma Services Inc.
  • Naveen Dakappagari, Ph.D., Head, Biomarker and Diagnostic Development, Navigate BioPharma Services Inc.
  • Chad Ray, Ph.D., Executive Director and Head of Discovery Sciences and Technologies, Zoetis

Course Format


This course is offered in a live online format using Zoom conference technology. Please note that attendance in the live sessions and participation in the class project are mandatory. 

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Course Number: BIOL-40258
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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