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Bioinformatics is the glue that allows us to manipulate, utilize, and learn from vast amounts of biological data. Bioinformatics tools and databases enable various scientific, technological, and biomedical applications that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Familiarity with bioinformatics concepts and widely used tools allows one to leverage biological data effectively to produce useful biological information. This course will cover the three pillars of bioinformatics fundamentals - command line basics, creating and using databases, and introductory programming (in Python).  In learning these, you will use resources like NCBI's Entrez and EBI and popular analysis tools such as sequence search (BLAST), gene prediction, and more. Together, these tools provide an excellent overview of how bioinformatics is applied in the industry.

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Course Number: BIOL-40236
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Applied Bioinformatics

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