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Did you ever wonder what happened in Europe after the Sun King Louis XIV died? In this class, we will explore how the European political, social & cultural landscape changes after the demise of absolute monarchs.

Starting with Rococo & Naturalism, we will discuss how a new understanding of human nature leads to the birth of Neo-Classicism. We will also focus on Romanticism, which puts its emphasis on the emotional experience of the world around us. Then, Realism will lead the way to experiencing the world in a highly subjective fashion. And lastly, we will transition to our final artistic movement discussed in this class, Impressionism.

Fulfills 1 unit towards the Art History requirement for the Art and the Creative Process Certificate.

Course Fee: $95
Offered in: Spring Quarter

Note: This course is currently taught 'Live Online' instead of 'In-Class' for the time being.

Course Number: ART-40461
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)
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