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Applying E-Discovery and Litigation Technology, the second of two parts in the E-Discovery and Litigation Technology Certificate, delves deeper into applying technology to a client’s specific legal position and the ability to make persuasive trial presentations using trial graphics and data visualization, on behalf of the client.  Beginning with the necessity to scope the legal project in deciding on the best course of representation of the client, students are introduced to legal project management tools and strategies which necessitates understanding technology and the ability to identify data relevant to a client’s case.  Students will submit an effective legal presentation to the court based on a diverse and complex data-set from the client’s perspective. Successful completion of this course along with the first Understanding E-Discovery and Litigation Technology course (LAW40068), completes the specialized E-Discovery and Litigation Technology Certificate.

Course Number: LAW-40069
Credit: 6.00 unit(s)
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