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This course builds on the knowledge gained in the Introduction to Medical Writing and Editing course and introduces the student to some of the more complex topics in writing and editing scientific and medical materials. Topics include: choosing the best format for the topic, research report, clinical study report, grant proposal, review article, book chapter, poster, slide presentation or other; conceptualizing the topic, organizing the material, composing, drafting and revision; version control; manuscript preparation and submission; the editing of numbers, numerals, and units of measurement including SI units; tables and figures, and P values; drugs and equipment; organisms and pathogens; and nomenclature used in oncology, cardiology, and pulmonology. In addition to completing AMA-supplied homework on these topics, students will visit corresponding websites each week to complement their knowledge.

FPM-40696 Introduction to Medical Writing and Editing must be completed prior to enrolling into Applied Medical Writing and Editing.

Course Number: FPM-40652
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Medical Writing

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