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Explore the complexities of English language structures and how and when they are used (pragmatics) in this TEFL certificate course.

You will learn how best to teach and integrate the practice of various highly specialized features of English grammar in all types of ESL and EFL lessons. Syntactic variations related to gender, age, socio-economics, and other factors will be examined.

Focus on the following structures:

  • noun phrase in detail, quantifiers, count and non-count distinctions and plurals: regular and irregular
  • adjectives and adjective clauses
  • modals and conditional clauses
  • clauses, conjunctions, and sentence parameters
  • collocations and cognates

Note: A strong command of English is a prerequisite for this course. (iBT TOEFL:80, TOEIC:760).

Advanced Analysis of English Sentence Structure I and Advanced Analysis of English Sentence Structure II do have to be taken in any particular order.

Course Number: LING-40075
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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