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Learn strategies to counteract the negative effects of living in a digital age by setting healthy boundaries on electronic devices and promoting wellness.


Living in a digital age with technology all around us has many benefits but also creates serious challenges to our well-being. Learn how to set healthy boundaries on your use of electronic devices while also cultivating practices that promote wellness.
We will look at what research shows about the negative effects of too much technology use. For one thing, our dependence on devices is causing us to spend more time indoors and less time in nature than ever before. Students will learn how spending time in nature provides an effective counterbalance to increased screen time and tech use. We will also look at the benefits of cultivating mindfulness and a growth mindset and of making time for play. Finally, we will consider how to incorporate these practices into our daily lives.

What You Will Learn


Students in Adult: Wellness in the Digital Age will:

  • Survey what research shows about the negative effects of overusing technology
  • Regain control of the tech/media in their lives by setting healthy boundaries
  • Learn how to practice mindfulness and live more intentionally
  • Learn to cultivate a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset
  • Discover the benefits of daily play
  • Look at the research showing the benefits of spending time in nature
  • Learn how to use time in nature to counterbalance increased screen time
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Course Number: SOC-90022
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)