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Abstract Painting II (Advanced)
10 Weeks | $325 | In-class

Discover your own creative language through the use of acrylic or oil paint and the formal elements of design. In Abstract Painting II, you will pursue individual assignments based on a specific idea or subject matter for the entire quarter. Ideas can range from the purely non-objective (a sustained exploration of color, form, rhythm via line, etc.), or may have more to do with representation (narration of a story, description of an object, a memory, a person, or even the investigation of a specific emotion). This course is designed for advanced painters seeking to hone their portfolio of work and for the student who has had previous experience painting and is interested in developing a personal direction.

Course Benefits:

  • One-on-one discussions with the instructor, along with class critiques, that will help you aim for the development of a focus and direction in your work.
  • You can work in any manner you like—representationally, from photos, abstractly, whatever—and in any media and size of your choosing.
  • To pursue and develop a body of work through the completion of a series of paintings.
  • By charting an individual course of focus, you will experience the day-to-day working process of the professional painter.

Quarters Offered: Winter | In-class
Course Fee: $325
Prerequisites: Abstract Painting (ART-40194) or equivalent experience.
Materials/Software/Hardware: Please bring the following supplies to first class meeting.

  1. One stretched canvas or canvas panel with your choice of size
  2. Assorted paint brushes of various sizes and oil and/or acrylic paints that you already have
  3. Vine or willow charcoal sticks
  4. One roll of paper towels (Viva is best)
  5. Palette (disposable paper is fine)
  6. If using oils, a non-oder low toxic solvent
  7. Containers for water and/or solvents

Note: First class meeting is mandatory. Elective course for Art and the Creative Process professional certificate.
Contact: For more information about this course, please email the academic department at

Course Number: ART-40304
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Art and the Creative Process