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Victor Kolesnichenko
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Dr. Victor Kolesnichenko is the Principal of California Consulting, providing Electrical Engineering consulting services to clients since 1997. Prior positions include; Director of Advanced Development at Metering Technology Corporation, and Principal Engineer at Cyphergen.

Victor has published over 40 articles in magazines, journals, and periodicals. Dr. Kolesnichenko received two solo patents for personal designs in analog electronics, and introduced his engine control system at the Exhibition of National Economy’s Achievements in Moscow, USSR. Currently, he has a patent pending on a Method of Preventing Physical and Electrical Corrosion of ITO on Image Sensors filed with Synaptics Inc.

Victor has a Professional Engineering license E15409 in California and is known as an expert in Advanced Metering Infrastructures for city-wide power, water, and gas distribution systems; including solid state meters communicating over Power Line Carrier, Radio (ZigBee IEEE802.15.4 and Wi-Fi IEEE802.11x), Modem, Cellular Modem, and Infra-Red Optical Port.

Dr. Kolesnichenko received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University, USSR, and his MS in Computer Engineering from Izhevsk State Technical University, USSR

As a professor, Dr. Victor Kolesnichenko subjects include Applied Mathematics, Theory of Automatic Control, Design of Experiments for Industrial Applications, diploma projects for graduate students in Electrical Engineering, and several courses in our Embedded Systems Engineering program.