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Toni Lampell

Toni Lampell teaches Spanish for Communication courses for the Spanish Language certificate program. She is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico with more than 20 years of experience teaching Spanish in the different countries she has lived in. She has a Master’s degree in education from SUNY Buffalo and a Master’s Degree in Hispanic Studies from the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala. She is a professional moderator of workshops for different literature topics in El Salvador and Guatemala, and has coordinated Spanish literary clubs in Uruguay, Bolivia, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Toni considers herself a passionate advocate of Latin American culture and literature. Through her lessons, she is focused on teaching her students how to appreciate, relate to, and understand the diversity and richness of Hispanic literature. Toni is a firm believer that learning a new language gives us the tools to get to know another culture and better understand the world we live in.
Lampell, Toni