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Shawn McClondon

Shawn McClondon is a pioneering entrepreneur who founded an online marketing company in 1998, during the internet's infancy. His early successes included building websites for Fortune 500 companies and pioneering virtual tour technology in real estate. As a philanthropist, Shawn established Youth Campaigns, a nonprofit providing work experience in digital marketing for low-income youth. He's also the founder of Sister Cities Project, fostering partnerships between affluent and underserved communities. Shawn is a respected consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He's known for his program, Leading with Courage, Compassion, and Authenticity. In his community of Solana Beach, he facilitates discussions on race and mental health forums for teens and parents. Shawn's accolades include being a finalist for SDBJ Nonprofit Founder of the Year and a Union-Tribune Person to Know in San Diego. Based in San Diego, Shawn is a dedicated father, coaching his youngest son's flag football team.