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Ron M. Weber

Ron is an Internet Marketing veteran with 20+ years of digital marketing experience. He possesses strong expertise in Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Display Email, and Conversion Rate Optimization but has proficiency in just about everything digital that can drive measurable results to a business.

His current role is as both the Agile Digital Lab Owner + Global SEM Strategist for Teradata in San Diego, California.  Prior, he led Search acquisition and was a major content creator at Intuit where he wrote hundreds of money management tips for both and helping readers that are ready to take better control over their personal finances. Ron has spent the majority of his career in finance, having worked as a bank manager, loan officer, entrepreneur and as a copywriter in the finance-tech space.

Specialties: search engine marketing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, mobile marketing, app store optimization, display marketing, content development, content marketing, social media marketing, paid social, public relations, marketing research, business strategy, marketing strategy, site usability, media buying, a/b testing, email marketing, reporting/analysis, trend spotting, reputation management, domaining, and blogging.

Ron is a certified in Google Search, Google Display, Google Mobile, Google Video, Google Analytics and BrightEdge.