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Peter Goebel

Peter Goebel is an Associate Director in the office of Technology Development in Scripps Research Institute. His responsibilities include wide variety of duties such as scouting for technologies, performing initial IP review, supporting Synthetic biology and sample prep business units, supporting sponsored research agreements, copyrights licenses, biological material licenses, procurement and contract manufacturing agreements. He Drafts and review / redline term sheets & agreements in collaboration with IP Legal and Contracts Legal.

He supports the finance group in many activities such as developing finance models, expense and/or revenue recognition. Prior to joining ThermoFisher Technologies, he was a Assistant professor in The Institute of Genetics and a Principal Scientist at the IGE Therapeutics. Dr. Goebel has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology/Immunology from Nebraska Lincoln and a post-doctoral experience from The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego.

Goebel, Peter