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Patrick Tyrrell

Patrick has been teaching LSAT for about 13 years now. When he moved from Washington, DC to Los Angeles in 2006, he got a part-time job as an SAT / ACT teacher. Once bitten by the teaching bug, he longed to teach grown-ups, as opposed to high school students, so he started teaching LSAT, GMAT, and GRE. 

LSAT is by far his favorite test since it's more challenging to teach than the more straightforward math/grammar/vocab content of the other tests. Also, he respects the LSAT as an actual way to improve critical reading and thinking skills that could benefit law school students, lawyers, and the public at large. The very first time Patrick looked at and took an LSAT, he got a 172, so his habit of thinking very literally and logically, for which he is frequently mocked by his family and friends, finally seemed to serve a useful purpose. He has become a mini-celebrity in the LSAT world, sometimes recognized by students at Law Fairs as "wait ... you're ohthatpatrick?!", because of his voluminous explanations on the Manhattan Prep forum. 

In his spare time, he tortures himself by reading the faulty logic and unforgivably extreme language of Twitter political discussions. He avidly plays and watches basketball. He spends time with his wife and two daughters. And he plays, writes, and records music, as well as playing a couple of gigs a week in a Dueling Pianos band.

Tyrrell, Patrick