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Norma Ochoa

Norma Ochoa has more than 20 years of experience working in the Software Industry. She has extensive experience Integrating Systems, Deploying, Maintaining, and Monitoring Mission Critical Production environments.

Norma Ochoa holds a BS in Computer Science from San Diego State University. When Systems migrated to cloud environments, she pursued additional education and obtained several AWS Certifications, including Professional DevOps Engineer, Associate Solutions Architect, Associate SysOps Administrator, and Associate Developer.

Mrs. Ochoa’s recent experience includes five years of experience in DevSecOps and operating a CI/CD pipeline, including development, integration, and operations within the AWS C2S-TS environment. She is well-versed in the similarities and differences between the GovCloud and C2S-TS operating environments.

Mrs. Ochoa has also over three years of experience teaching DevOps development. The course includes DevOps infrastructure, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Declarative Pipelines, Development, and Infrastructure as Code.