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Neil B. Bloom

Neil Bloom has 38+ years experience in engineering reliability practices, of which he spent 21 years at San Onofre Nuclear plant supporting engineering, licensing and working with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. For 15 years he led engineering and maintenance at Eastern Airlines, working with the FAA.

A mechanical engineer by profession, he started out in the commercial aviation industry, where the methods of RCM first originated. Over his many years in aviation and nuclear power, he has seen how RCM can become difficult to implement; and most of those who try it end up throwing their hands into the air with a sigh of defeat and despair. Now, he has changed all of this so that even laypersons can facilitate their own RCM programs using only in-house resources. Additionally, he has ensured that those in-house resources do not require the pedigree of having a formal engineering degree or any previous rocket science experience.

Bloom is the foremost international expert and pioneer in reliability-centered maintenance made simple. Widely recognized for his knowledge and insight, he literally wrote the book on the subject, "RCM - Implementation Made Simple," published worldwide by McGraw-Hill. Bloom's book takes a simplified approach to classical RCM for the layperson, which many refer to as Modern-Day RCM. He also serves as an instructor in continuing education at UCLA Extension, UC San Diego Extension, UC Irvine Extension and the University of Kansas, where he teaches RCM, reliability and preventive maintenance strategies.