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Milan Bjelica

Dr. Bjelica, CEO of NIT Institute, a company performing research and innovation activities for various computer-engineering sectors, with a focus on consultancy and training in the fields of system safety, functional safety, automotive engineering and consumer electronics. During his career, he has consulted companies in the automotive industry (ZF Germany, TTTech Austria, Qualcomm Automotive USA, Daimler Germany) and also other companies in consumer electronics, industrial machinery and computing domains. He is a frequent participant and a speaker at major industry events worldwide.
Dr. Bjelica holds a Ph.D. degree in computer engineering from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, where he also holds the position of Associate Professor for computer engineering and automotive engineering. He also received advanced training on system safety, functional safety, fault-tolerant design, and safety-relevant processes from Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering (Austria). His professional and research focus is on complex system and software architectures with specific interactions and virtualization. He authored more than 100 publications across major journals and scientific conferences, and also holds 30 patents.