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Michelle Sauer-Gehring

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Where did the Ph.D come from?
Michelle Sauer Gehring completed her undergraduate and graduate training at Texas A&M University. She focused the majority of her attention on miRNA expression and canine models of disease. She worked as a postdoc at Baylor College of Medicine before joining the faculty of the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston (UTHealth) where the majority of her work focused on trauma and transfusion medicine. So in short, she LOVES genetics and clinical trials (especially the ethics side of those research fields).
Where did the ELS come from?
While at UTHealth, Dr. Sauer began her formal training in medical writing and received her BELS certification (ELS) in 2011. Since that time,  she has continued to work in the academic sector in various positions but always with a focus on scientific manuscripts and grants. She also is co-owner of RnA Editing, LLC.
So why is she teaching medical writing?
Her first grant was funded while she was a graduate student, and she has not stopped writing and editing since. She has over 20 years of scientific communication experience and has taken and taught ethics courses in several capacities. Dr. Sauer enjoys exploring the “grey areas” as well as the minutia of editing.  As science continues to evolve, new ethical quandaries and citation styles arrive, she will incorporate them into her courses. She began working in the Online Learning Department at UC San Diego in April of 2016.

Awards & Recognition
American Medical Writers Association Fellowship, 2021