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Meena Priya Dharshini Nandakumar

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Meena Priya Dharshini Nandakumar worked as an associate professor at CMR Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India. She earned a bachelor's degree in electronics instrumentation engineering from Bharathiyar University and a master's of engineering in applied electronics from Anna University. She has over 10 years of experience in teaching engineering graduate students and has published  several papers in various national and international journals.

Her area of interest is wireless communication and embedded system design. Basic electronics is one of the important core subjects, in the field of electronics, telecommunication, electrical, computer science, information science and mechanical engineering. There has been an increase in the demand for a suitable textbook on this subject.

Nandakumar has written a book on basic electronics that presents information in a simple, precise and systematic manner. Numerous solved examples, self-explanatory sketches and a large number of problems with answers have been presented in each chapter to aid conceptual understanding of the subject. The language used in explaining the various concepts is extremely simple. All the topics have been profusely illustrated with diagrams for easy understanding. She has also published a paper in IEEE Xplore Adaptive reliable cooperative data transmission technique for Wireless Body Area Network in 2014.