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Luiza Zanchi

Luiza Zanchi teaches Spanish language courses for the Spanish Language Certificate Program. With a diverse teaching background and an international education, two M.A. degrees in Spanish, and interdisciplinary Ph.D. research in Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies, Luiza strives to bring innovative and multicultural perspectives to language learning from her extensive experience teaching Spanish in higher education and living and learning abroad.

By learning what motivates each individual learner, Luiza seeks to create a welcoming environment that implements socially progressive pedagogies, embraces diversity, and advances equity, inclusion, and social justice initiatives. Aiming to inspire rather than instruct, Luiza channels her enthusiasm for life-long learning to promote intellectual curiosity and cultural inclusivity: deconstructing conceptually dense ideas energizes her as much as engaging students with the new worlds unfurled by foreign languages.

Zanchi, Luiza