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Luca Dal Pubel

Luca Dal Pubel is a Conflict Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) practitioner, mediator, and researcher. He teaches courses on Mediation, Arbitration, and Alternative Dispute Resolution for the International Security and Conflict Resolution and Political Science departments at San Diego State University (SDSU). Luca Dal Pubel has worked as a mediator and facilitator for over 10 years helping small businesses, consumers, and individuals managing and resolving conflicts. He has developed mediation and conflict resolution programs throughout Italy, Europe and the United States of America and several study abroad programs in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Conflict Resolution and International Relations in partnership with San Diego State University, University of Bologna-Rimini and University of Trento, Open University of Cataluña, the University of Barcelona, and the Catholic University of Oporto. He has participated in different projects sponsored by the European Union to promote the use of mediation in cross border disputes. Luca Dal Pubel is a Partner of Resolutia an Italian ADR firm and a Ph.D. Candidate at the Open University of Catalunya. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Digital Justice, ODR, ADR, e-Governance, and Leadership. He has published articles and book chapters on Conflict Resolution, ODR, and Leadership.
Dal Pubel, Luca