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Laura Bozanich
M.A. in International Communications

Laura Bozanich has a Professional TEFL Certificate and has been teaching English to foreign nationals for over 15 years, working primarily in intensive academic settings. She specializes in writing, grammar and presentation skills.

Her background in written expression is quite extensive. At UC San Diego's English Language Institute, she has taught in and created curriculum for various programs and writing courses. She has taught both academic and business writing. For six years at EF International, she taught an internship and job skills class focusing on business writing. In addition, she managed the internship program in which she prepared students for the professional work environment. Furthermore, she is a published author having one of her short stories published in 2012.

In addition to her writing background, Bozanich has a great deal of experience in teaching presentation skills. She has worked extensively with business professionals of various nationalities to help them augment their presentation skills by improving their pronunciation, vocal dynamics and overall control when communicating to a group. In addition, she has created curriculum for courses in public speaking, oral presentations and business presentations. Furthermore, she has mentored aspiring teachers who want to improve both their language skills and teaching techniques. 

Bozanich, Laura