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Khosrow Khosravani

Khosrow “Koz” Khosravani has been involved in the field of Information Technology for over 3 decades. He started as a Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation (later merged with Compaq) coding Vax-Macro assembly language for VAX mini-computer clusters. He then was involved with many firms as an IT consultant and trainer. His area of specialization includes software engineering, e-business security & back-end integration, distributed relational database management systems, wireless technologies, networking, web development, and distributed applications. He has trained hundreds of employees at major US firms such as Boeing and Raytheon in the areas of web development, online security, and software engineering as well as the integration with back-end systems such as Microsoft IIS web server, SQL server, site server, and the Biztalk server, utilizing Windows advanced server platform.

Koz is currently conducting research on various areas of digital transformation utilizing frontier and emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, AR/VR and Cloud Computing.