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Kendra Jekel
BFA, MFA, Academy of Art University

Kendra Jekel is a freelance photographer who specializes in food and product photography. In her free time, she creates fine art imagery of forgotten landscapes situated predominately in the Southwest.

Kendra received her BFA and MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. While there she immersed herself in the study of various photographic techniques, concepts, and historical influences. This foundational education provided her with a strong technical background and a solid understanding of the artistic principles that underpin the medium.

Kendra began her freelance business over 10 years ago and has acquired clients both locally and nationally.  She now focuses her work mainly on shooting seasonal menus for local restaurants and helping chefs and food bloggers grow their visual presence. Beyond her personal photography practice, Kendra is also an educator, sharing her expertise and passion for the craft with aspiring photographers.

With her unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for storytelling through the lens, Kendra continues to push the boundaries of photography, creating captivating imagery that leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter her work.