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Karen Dobkins

I was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island, with my loving parents and two older sisters.  I have three teenage children, who keep me on my feet, and help me to “grow up” each and every day.  After obtaining my PhD in Neuroscience in 1992, I became a Professor of Psychology at UC San Diego in 1995.  Although my main area of study has been perceptual and brain development in children, my most recent research passion is in the area of Mindfulness and mental well-being.  Outside the world of research, I am active in designing daycare centers in Europe, which aim to enhance mental well-being for children, through carefully chosen designs, installations and mindful pedagogy.  I have also created and lead Mindfulness workshops at UCSD, in San Diego and around the world, with the goal of teaching people how to be “free” (although I am still figuring it out myself!).  Complementing the Mindfulness workshops, I teach an exercise class called “IntenSati”, which blends high intensity aerobics with call and response positive affirmations.  I love to do photography, yoga, dance, sing, play music, give inspiration talks, and express myself in every way.

I am available for more!
- Karen Dobkins
Dobkins, Karen