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Jurgen Daniel
PhD Electrical Engineering; Dipl.-Phys.

Jurgen Daniel is principal at Teclination Consulting Services where he performs technology studies in emerging technologies to inform leadership and investors. His current focus is on Additive Manufacturing, Small UAVs and RF Technologies. He has extensive professional experience in planning, executing, leading, supporting and analyzing research projects and technologies in the areas of physical sciences, electronic materials, devices and systems. Has over 40 publications, holds over 40 patents and has given over 25 invited talks at international conferences and workshops.

Previously, he was Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton where he supported DARPA and ARPA-E programs as Scientific, Engineering and Technical Assistant (SETA). He started his career at Xerox PARC leading research and development projects in a variety of technologies, including MEMS, reflective displays, printing, flexible electronics and photovoltaics. In 2008, he founded the Silicon Valley Photovoltaics Society which became part of IEEE.

Jurgen holds a degree in physics from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK).