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Judith L Enns

Judith L. Enns, Ph.D. formerly was Executive Vice President of the HR Division at Eastridge Workforce Solution, headquarters in San Diego, CA. Her doctorate from The Ohio State University is in Communications Theory and Research. In addition to human resources, Enns has specialized in small business consulting, career coaching, leadership and business development.

Dr. Enns launched the HR Division (formerly HR Solutions) to address the human resources needs of small, medium-sized, emerging and large employers in Southern California. As a national and state convention speaker, she has addressed regional and national organizations and businesses, including human resources and industry groups in San Diego, Irvine, San Francisco, Dallas, Lexington, KY, Canada and Cancun, Mexico. She has also been a featured presenter on sales, communications and business topics at the National Association of Temporary Services, National Association of Personnel Services, California Association of Temporary Services, California Association of Personnel Services, Illinois Association of Temporary Services, Arizona Association of Personnel Services, Washington Association of Personnel Services, Texas Association of Personnel Services, Florida Association of Personnel Services, ICTS and TempNet.

She served on the UC San Diego human resources certificate advisory board, and participates in the UC San Diego human resources career and leadership programs.  She is on the boards of non-profit organizations in San Diego and Houston, concentrating on board governance and HR matters.