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Joe Silverman

Joe Silverman has over 20 years of business experience before transitioning to teaching. Joe has
owned and operated two small businesses, has worked for two government agencies, and worked
for two Fortune 500 corporations in various capacities, including operations, finance, marketing and

Since 2004, Joe has taught over 200 sections of courses in economics, statistical methods, data
analysis and business at two year colleges and 4 year universities in San Diego County. He has also
created a statistical methods reader that has been favorably received by students.

Joe is fluent in Spanish and has lived and travelled extensively throughout Latin America. Joe also
owns 13 acres of land in Costa Rica that he is semi-actively re-foresting.

Joe holds a B.S. in Finance from Boston University, an M.A. Economics from San Diego State
University, and a M.S. in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) from San Diego State